Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th Of July Tom Collins: The Breaking Bad Edition

If you must drink on the 4th Of July (and I must!) I say drink at home. It's far less expensive and keeps you out of those pesky DWI checkpoints.

I call this one the Breaking Bad Collins.

Here's the recipe:
In a glass of ice, mix the following in this order.

1.5oz shot of gin
I don't measure the other stuff, so flavor to taste.
On top of the gin add a splash (or 3) of lime juice.
Top off with Sparkling ICE Blue Raspberry - it comes in a skinny bottle and most grocery stores carry it with the flavored sparkling water.
Stir. Don't add anything else until you stir!
Garnish with half a slice of lime - be sure to rub the lime all over the mouth of the glass, leaving behind as much pulp as possible.
Add two maraschino cherries.
Last step - pour in a small amount of cherry juice from the jar. Make sure that the drink has already been stirred because if you stir it after the cherry juice goes in, it defeats the purpose. The cherry juice will sink to the bottom, creating a lovely layered effect.

Before you get started, make sure there is sufficient hot dogs, chips & dip, watermelon, and sparklers to last through the evening. Enjoy three or four of these delectable drinks and call it a night!

Happy 4th!

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