Saturday, May 26, 2018

Don't Throw That Bottle Away!

It's no secret that we are literally drowning in our own trash so here's a quick tip to both save money and keep some plastic out of the landfill.

Instead of spending somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 - $20 on a "reusable" drinking bottle, spend about $2 at the gas station on a 24oz "electrolyte beverage" with a sport lid.

This bottle cost $2 and I've been using it for a month.

While Americans are disposing of an estimated 50 million plastic water bottles every day, there's no reason why this bottle can't be reused for a long time. It won't get swampy because the sport lid keeps mouth germs out of the inside of the bottle and it fits in a car's cupholder. Incidentally, many fancy name brand reusable bottles don't fit in cupholders and, unless they have a sport lid they will most certainly get swampy - a problem that eventually cannot be fixed no matter how thoroughly the bottle is washed.

Other relevant info: McDonald's serves 95 million single use plastic straws every day.

Save money, save calories by drinking water, do the Earth a favor by producing less trash.


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