Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Making Good

Karma is a simple enough concept, at least on the surface. Actions and intentions permeate the creative medium thus triggering sequences of events to play out. Beneath the surface, the universe operates with a subtly and nuance that we could never orchestrate and shouldn't even try to micromanage. The best we can do is to scan the horizon for possibilities and the ride the wave when it appears.
     That being said, if you've summoned a higher power for assistance and that help arrives, best make good on it. Pay the bill, take the class (and pass it!), accept the job or do whatever it is you said you would do if only you had the means to do it. On the flip side, when the opportunity presents, reach out and help someone else.
     Making good on help and helping others energizes the cycle and widens the pathway for more assistance. On the other hand, nothing stops the wheel in the sky in faster than squandering an opportunity, abusing generosity, or ignoring someone currently in the situation you used to be in.

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